Wall insulation

Most of the heat escapes through the roof, but another big problem are the exterior walls. In a detached house, heat loss is around 20 %. You can therefore save a lot of money by (re-)insulating the walls.

Uhterm Wall application picture

Cavity wall insulation and a ventilated facade

Need to install cavity walls or insulate a facade with ventilation? We always have a suitable solution.

(Post-)insulation of interior walls

In renovation projects, the (re-)insulation of interior walls is the ideal way to increase living comfort.

Renovate your outer walls

Utherm Wall L Flex is the perfect insulation for façade renovation

Project Meulebeke, Belgium

We are very satisfied with the range and possibilities of the insulation materials. We often use wall insulation in our projects, but we can also rely on Unilin Insulation's high-quality products for roofs and floors.

Thibault Verfaillie
Thibault Verfaillie Architect at V2-Architects